Welcome to Hótel Cabin


At Hotel Cabin you can find a good selection of rooms that will suits your need. Available rooms vary from a cozy small Standard rooms equipped with basic modern facilities to bigger rooms where you will have more facilities you will expect in a good hotel.

Conference room

On our 7th floor we have a conference room that is suitable for receptions and meetings of up to 100 people. The room is bright and pleasant that suits all occasions, whether it is meetings, confirmation receptions or any other gathering. The 7th floor view is magnificent, greatly enhancing all gatherings.

Salad bar

Longing for a healthy meal? Our salad bar is a healthy and delicious option for both lunch or dinner. The salad bar features a wide variety of dishes, both hot and cold, as well as choice of different soups. A variety of freshly baked breads is also included. This is an ideal place for short […]

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