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The hotel bar is located on the first floor and offers an excellent selection of Icelandic beers, cocktails, and wine.

The bar is open daily, with happy hour on draft beer between 4 and 6 PM.

There is a spacious lounge in front of the bar to sit down and relax after a long day.

Drinks menu


Kiev Mule2.500 kr
Tequila Sunrise2.500 kr
Aperol Spritz2.500 kr
Mojito2.500 kr
Bartender Special2.500 kr

Mixed Drinks

Vodka and Orange Juice
2.500 kr
Cuba Libre
Rum and Coka Cola
2.500 kr
Vodka & Red Bull1.700 kr
Gin & Tonic
Hendriks Gin, tonic and cucumber
1.500 kr
Irish Coffee
Coffee, Jameson whiskey, whipped cream
1.800 kr

Red Wine

Barefoot Merlot, 187 ml1.400 kr
House wine, glass1.400 kr
Montes Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva – Chile6.900 kr
Trivento Mixtus Shiraz / Malbec – Argentina5.900 kr
El Coto Crianza – Spain6.900 kr

White Wine

Barefoot Pinot Grigio, 187 ml1.400 kr
House wine, glass1.400 kr
Montes Souvignon Blanc Reserva – Chile6.900 kr
Villa Antinori Bianco – Italy6.500 kr


Eldur Ís (Icelandic vodka)1.100 kr
Reyka / Katla (Icelandic vodka)1.100 kr
Smirnoff Red1.000 kr


Bourbon1.500 kr
Black Label1.100 kr
Jack Daniel´s1.300 kr
Jameson1.100 kr


Reykjavík Distellery Juniper Gin (Icelandic gin)1.200 kr
Hendrick´s1.100 kr
Ísafold (Icelandic gin)1.100 kr


Björk1.000 kr
Brennivín1.000 kr
Jägermeister 1.000 kr
Opal1.100 kr
Baby Guiness1.000 kr


Bacardi1.000 kr
Havana Club – 7 years1.200 kr

Vermouth & Bitters

Martini dry1.300 kr
Martini1.300 kr
Campari1.400 kr


Excellia Anejo1.000 kr
Olmeca1.000 kr

Beer on draft

Gull, 330 ml1.000 kr
Gull, 500 ml1.200 kr

Beer – Bootles

Gull (5,0%)1.300 kr
Borg Brewery Snorri Icelandic Ale (5,3%)1.300 kr
Borg Brewery Úlfur IPA (5,9%)1.300 kr
Kaldi Lager (5,0%)1.300 kr
Stinnings Kaldi (4,6%)1.300 kr
Kaldi Dark (5,0%)1.300 kr
Somersby Cider (4,5%)1.300 kr
Kaldi IPA (6,0%)1.300 kr
Seasonal Beer (Christmas, Þorri, Easter) 1.300 kr

Coffee and hot drinks

Coffee400 kr
Latte / Cappuccino500 kr
Swiss Mocha600 kr
Espresso400 kr
Hot cocoa with whipped cream600 kr
Tea400 kr
Coffee with Baileys1.600 kr

Other drinks

Soda 330 ml450 kr
Mixers (Tonic water, Ginger ale / Beer)400 kr
Juice300 kr

(+354) 511 6030