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Höfði House, built in 1909, is one of the most beautiful and historically significant buildings in the Reykjavík area.

It’s best known as the location for the 1986 summit meeting of presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbatsjov, a historical event that effectively marked the end of the Cold War. During this meeting images of the house were broadcast all over the world.

The sculpture in front of the house depicts pillars from the chieftain’s seat of the first Norwegian settler in Reykjavík.

Höfði was initially the house of the French consul in Iceland and still bears many signs of its original purpose. Among renowned guests of Höfði House are celebrities and heads of state, amongst them the Queen of England, Winston Churchill, and Marlene Dietrich. In addition, the house is believed to be occupied by a ghost.

Höfði is owned by the City of Reykjavík and is currently used for official receptions and meetings. Although the house is not open to the public, visitors are welcome to explore the house from the outside.

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